23 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Joseph Field!

Today would be my brother's sixtieth birthday. That is very hard to fathom. The pic is from when he decided to shave his head - see, it runs in the family! Only 35 when he died in a car wreck, Joseph has been one of the great missing pieces of my life. A sorrow that is never stilled, a hole that is never filled, an ache that never goes away. He was more than brother; he was a friend. Coincidentally, Joseph was born upon our Grandfather's birthday too - Granddaddy Chance was born 130 years ago today. Wow. Well, you are both remembered today, my loved ones. And you both are missed.

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Rosko said...

May they who have fallen asleep be granted eternal rest and blessed repose, and may their memory be made to be eternal!