22 June 2009

Busy Day

Up by 5:30 to enjoy a pot of coffee and Matins, then to the Y for exercise. Back by 8:30 to run off last minute stuff for VBS. Did VBS opening for older kids and then visited a bit with the younger ones. Five shut-in calls before lunch. Then after lunch visited with four more folk. Cindi had planned a late birthday dinner for Dean, and so Dean, Lauren, Cindi, Dave and I sat down to bacon, eggs, pancakes (or toast). Cindi had baked an apple pie for Dean for dessert and she also served up some left over ice-cream from father's day. Then down to business: cards. I'm unbelievably frustrated to report that Dave, Lauren and I lost to Cindi first at Liverpool and then Lauren and I lost to her at 7's. AND Jo, Lauren insisted on sitting in Cindi's chair for Liverpool. Didn't help at all. We ALL think she really needs to get over herself... ;) We wondered if it were all Dean's fault, because he was a good lad and studied for classes rather than take a trouncing from Cindi. Tomorrow promises to be another full day. So soon to bed! soon to bed!

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Anonymous said...

I'll say it didn't help...
it was TERRIBLE!