15 June 2009

Little Pleasures

The Lord surrounds us with them, and too often we take them for granted - simply because they ARE little. I was reminded of one of my favorite little pleasures yesterday: the wonderful smell when you first open a new box of tea (English Breakfast, this time round). For the wee joys of enticing and comforting smells - Glory to You, Blessed Trinity, glory to You!


Josh Schroeder said...


William Weedon said...

Sure, ya betcha!

Father Robert Lyons said...

Did you know that one bag of Twinnings English Breakfast Tea and one family sized bag of Luzianne Iced Tea, steeped for 4 minutes in 2 cups of almost boiling water, mixed with the sweetener of your choice (Equal for me, with a dash of real sugar), and poured over the ice stacked in a 32 ounce insulated travel mug makes some of the best iced tea this side of the Mason-Dixon Line?


Anonymous said...

Well, Earl Grey would be even better, but here's the important test: Loose or bags?

- Jeff