14 June 2009

Vacation Time Means

Visiting pastors! It was great to have Pr. Jon Olson and his family with us this morning - actually part of his family is USUALLY with us: his sister-in-law Amilia and Aunt Becky. The family was in town for a 30th anniversary celebration for Amilia's parents. That makes two weeks in a row we've had visiting pastors (who also happen to be internet friends) as guests, and it is one of the joys of this time of the year. So any of you all who are on vacation in the St. Louis area, be sure to stop in now, ya hear?!


Anonymous said...

We are well blessed to have Pr. Olson and family here in the Minnesota South District. He is a great gift to us, too.

Pr. Tom Fast

Anonymous said...


We may swing by the end of July on our way to KC, but we will pobably go to worship in Quincy...


William Weedon said...

Tom, I can believe that!

Mark, we'd LOVE that!