12 June 2009


I *think* we're about ready for Bekah's graduation party tomorrow. Chairs washed off; patio swept and cleaned; weeds and grass killed along the walk; food purchased and largely prepared; all kinds of goodies baked up; house cleaned; exhibits of Bekah's time at Metro readied to share. Now, if only the guest of honor would show up... She's late getting home from camp. And Lucy's been downright depressed without her Bekah Boo to love on.


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

When I went off to college (mind you, I was an only child), my wiener dog moped around the house. My room was upstairs in the parsonage, and Ditto didn't go up the stairs (too steep - had to go up one step at a time and couldn't get down - got impatient for us a few times and tried to go down himself. . . roll a bratwurst down your stairs and you have the idea) - but he would sit at the door to the stairs and mope.

Now, are you and your bride ready for this? B. is the last at home, right?

William Weedon said...

Lucy definitely sympathizes with your dachshund.

No, David is also at home. Sort of. We see him now and again... :)