21 June 2009

Despite the Crazy Week...

...a rather relaxing Father's Day. Dave, David, Cindi and I feasted on spare-ribs and hotdogs (coated in barbecue sauce), salad of fresh greens and feta, creamed corn, green grapes and blueberries. Then home-made ice cream (both low-carb and regular varieties) and other sweets. We got in the pool for a little bit. And then I worked on some VBS planning (starts tomorrow - nothing like long range planning, Weedon!).

Oh, and for Father's Day, I received:

A Sherlock Holmes children's book
Some home-roasted coffee
Streamers (lavender and white????) for my bike
A seat for my bike without the horn on the saddle (yeah - don't ask!)
A bag to fix on my handlebars (carry water and what not)
Two promises for 20 minute back scratches - SWEET! (I'm collecting on one this evening)

And my wife, my dear, sweet, loving and kind wife, gave me a card that said on the outside how I always made her laugh... You open it and it adds: "usually behind your back while you're trying to fix something and cussing up a storm." Then it said: "Just kidding." But I'm getting the impression that she's NOT kidding.

Sigh. Ineptitude. It's the story of my life - but at least it provides others a bit of a laugh and that's a good thing, I think. I THINK. You can stop laughing now. I mean it! Double sigh.


Elephantschild said...

Congrats on a great day. The meal sounds great.

y husband says that Father's Day is "dumb" because in too many churches (thankfully not ours) it interferes with whatever Sunday of the liturgical year it's supposed to be.

Fine. He doesn't care whether I get him anything or not, and it's pretty cool that I'm married to such a liturgically-minded guy. Problem is, what about Mother's Day? Maybe better if we don't speak of it. Sigh.

William Weedon said...

LOL, Jen. I LOVE your hubby's way of thinking. In our church (amid some grumbling, but they know an immovable object when they meet it), we remember fathers in the prayers and I try to greet each father on the way out of church. That's the extent for us - it doesn't shove aside the liturgical day. Now, tell hubby that since the Church doesn't celebrate mother's day with a special liturgy, HE gets to when he gets home. You sit back and relax while he fixes the food, tends the children, and pampers you. After all, since you all do it for us 364 days of the year, we shouldn't grumble about doing it for you one day, should we? ;)

Anonymous said...

By the way, there is a day in the church year for including mothers. August 15, St. Mary's day. At least with mothers we can be liturgical and celebrate mothers a bit. ;-) Yes?

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Oops. Fathers Day, was it? They don't celebrate it here in Greece. And as my father is gone, I failed to keep track. Didn't even know when the day came or went...