16 October 2009

Bishop Horpynchuk of the Ukrainian Lutherans and the Treasury

What a beautiful post!

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Past Elder said...

What? They use the liturgy of St John Chrysostom and one calendar?

You know that ain't right. Retain the ceremonies previously in use except where they contradict the Gospel? Unheard of!

You gotta have five liturgies, er, settings, traditional and "modern" wordings of standard prayers, options A or B for stuff, new hybrids of East and West, two lectionaries, two calendars, and a partridge in a pear tree.

The East has so much to learn from the West. Maybe it's starting.

(Note from the desk of Quintillian: to avoid misunderstanding, readers are advised that the author is uncommonly fond of a literary device modern rhetoricians call verbal, as distinct from situational or dramatic, irony, in which the essential identified by Fowler, that the surface and underlying meanings of the words are different, is key to understanding. Regards, Q, not Bond's armourer.)