31 October 2009

Reminder for Treasury Users

1. Yesterday we switched to propers on page 0-70 - these are the invitatory, antiphons and responsory we use (except for All Saints) until Advent begins.
2. For tomorrow (All Saints), antiphons and a responsory may be found on page 0-72.
3. All Saints is the last feast or festival of the Church Year according to the LSB calendar before we begin again with St. Andrew's Day and the start of a new Church Year (though, of course, a number of commemorations fall during the month of November).
4. One more day of Deuteronomy and then into Jeremiah!


David Clapper said...

Just a curiosity question ... what happened to the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed? Did it just get "folded" into All Saints Day?

William Weedon said...

It was really an innovation in the Lutheran Calendar with LW - a sort of Totenfest on the Day of All Souls (traditionally for praying for the suffering Church in purgatory!!!). Though it is certainly possible to observe a Totenfest on either All Saints, All Souls or the Last Sunday of the Church Year or Dec. 31. See the Lutheran Service Book Agenda, p. 151, rubric 2.