29 October 2009

Elder Training

I was recently asked if I could recommend any books for elder training. I thought about it for a few days and my mind really didn't change. There are two:

Concordia: A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord
Treasury of Daily Prayer

Let every elder read, study, and know his church's Confession. Let every elder be a man of prayer and daily in the Word of God. THAT'S the best training there is.


Mike Keith said...

DO NOT recommend The Caring Elder. Totally messes up the Office of the Holy Ministry.

William Gleason said...

Could not agree more!

Scott Larkins said...

The Small Catechism with explanation?


Past Elder said...

At the time and place I was an elder (pre McCain BOC and in WELS) I missed them both.

I did read the BOC in the Tappert translation though, but that was just to be a halfway decent Lutheran.

Our elders meetings always began not with business but a devotion and then a study lead by pastor.

And any of the dreaded elder visits -- oh oh Mabel, we messed up now, here come the elders -- were always done in pairs, usually an experienced elder with a newer one.

Judas, when I quit going to WELS they came to me that way too! In LCMS I never heard jack from whoever to whom I was assigned.

Elephantschild said...

I think the Altar Guild handbook, too, actually. It's not just for the ladies! Plenty of little things in there elders should know although many don't.

Larry Luder said...

The two recommend books are truly treasures to us whom He has claimed. May we all be of prayer and daily in the Word.