22 October 2009


Jo, Dave, and Sandy joined us for Supper tonight. Simple meal of tacos (Cindi and I used low-carb, whole-wheat wraps), home-made guacamole (Jen, it's become one of our favorites!), fried apples (sweetened with splenda and doused in cinnamon), and an orange jello salad (with cottage cheese and whipped cream - yum!). It was all really scrumptious. I am definitely married to a cook extraordinaire!

No cards tonight - Cindi was running out the door to get to the dress rehearsal for Collinsville Chorale's concert. Concert itself is tomorrow at 7 at St. John's UCC in Collinsville and will feature broadway hits. This time from the Weedon clan only Cindi and Lauren are singing in it.

I'm working on a lecture for tomorrow and in general planning on taking the evening easy.

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