15 October 2009

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

Our Lord takes this God-given and man-made bread and wine and by His mighty Word makes it His body and blood. In so doing He affirms His right by creation and conquest to all the creatures of God's hand, to all fruit of human labor, and to all the orders and institutions of the universe. But He does more. In taking a particular loaf and a particular chalice of wine as the vehicles of His body and His blood, at random, as it were, He anticipates the time when all of the groaning and travailing creation will have achieved the freedom that is its destiny, when the power of futility and of sin over it will be broken and it will possess the transfiguring glory for which it now waits in hope with such eager longing. -- A. C. Piepkorn, *The Church* pp. 199,200


Eric Spaeth said...

This quote rather confusing. Particularly the phrase "at random, as it were" regarding the chosen sacramental elements. What significance does this phrase have? It's throwing off my ability to actually comprehend the meaning of the second part.

Theophil Jones said...