20 October 2009

The German Gloria

All glory be to God on high
And thanks for all His favor;
No harm can touch or terrify
A child of God forever.
God shows His good and gracious will
And grants His peace, the world to fill -
All strife at last has ended.

We praise and laud and worship You;
We give You thanks forever,
O Father, that Your rule is just
And wise and changes never.
With boundless pow'r, Your mighty reign
Fulfills whatever You ordain.
Lord, grant us ev'ry blessing!

O Jesus Christ, the only Son
Begotten of the Father,
Your saving death has made us one
With God and with each other.
O Lamb of God, to You on high
In our distress we sinners cry,
Have mercy on us, Amen!

O Holy Spirit, our delight
And source of consolation,
Protect us from the devil's might
Through Jesus, our salvation,
Who by His death upon a tree
Has rescued us from misery:
To this we hold forever.

--LSB, Divine Service 5


Past Elder said...

For a German Gloria, it sure looks a lot like English.

William Weedon said...

You are a funny man! ;)

Past Elder said...

I ain't nuttin compared to Bill though. Can't hold a candle (let alone a bell or a book) to him at family reunions.