17 March 2011

Day's Wrap

Cin and I were off to hospital early this a.m. for a procedure that you are supposed to do when you turn 50 (let the reader understand - mine comes in a week and a half).  Before we headed out, though, Cin had thrown a corned beef into the crock pot along with some cabbage, onions, carrots, and turnips.  While at the hospital, I was able to finish up Sunday's Bible Study and catch up on some email.   When we got home, dinner was smelling mighty fine.  While Cindi rested, I set to work on some Irish Soda bread (a long tradition - since we came here - only Marianne always used to bring that and we'd supply the rest of the feast).  Bekah, Dave, and Jo joined us for our Irish meal - and Cin and I enjoyed some Irish Breakfast tea with dinner to boot.  Cin needed a nap this afternoon after that procedure, so she did that and I did upper body weights and then went for a 5 mile run down to Hamel - could not turn down a day as beautiful as this!  Yes, it left me behind in my work, but I'm pretty energized at the moment.  The day will close with Cindi's dress rehearsal for the Collinsville Chorale concert tomorrow evening, featuring spirituals - no matter what she was not about to skip that.   I'm bringing that work along - we'll see what gets done.  I tend to want to do nothing but listen to the music!


Anonymous said...

Happy St. Paddy Day with corn beef,
cabbage, and green beer. Don't
sweat the colonoscopy it is worth
the effort to have peace of mind
whether you are concerned about
acid-reflux or anything else.

Anonymous said...

Would you send me the soda bread recipe? We made a bread billed as Soda Bread, but my wife did some research and what we have is not soda bread or irish. :-(
Rev. Benjamin Pollock

Mark said...

Two hints if you will be drinking unpleasant liquids before your procedure (let the reader understand): 1) use a short, wide glass because you don't get the sense that there's as much to drink as you get from a tall glass; and 2) use a bendy straw to get the liquid as far back in your mouth as you can to avoid tasting it as much as possible.

Thus have I been told and thus I will obey will I find myself in the same position two years from now.

Larry Luder said...

A little too much sharing here guys. But prayers for good test results.