22 March 2011

Thinking about Oculi Gospel

My eyes are ever on the Lord as the Stronger One binds the Strong Man.

We can't take our eyes off of the astounding way He uses His almighty power to overcome!

For how does He bind the devil?  By allowing Himself to be bound!  Led hither and yon.  Stripped and spit upon.  Bound with nails to a tree.

And how does He take from Satan the armor in which he trusted?  By exposing Satan's lies about God by His passion and cross, by enduring the scorn and hatred, and yet loving and forgiving, pouring out His blood to blot out the sins of those who so misuse Him, despise Him, or ignore Him, and doing so without rancor and in firm trust in His Father who will raise Him from the dead.

How does He divide his spoil?  By giving Himself into death in exchange for every last one of us, by offering all a share in His unending life, His communion with the Father in the Spirit.

"He has purchased and won me, a lost and condemned person, not with gold or silver, but His holy precious blood and innocent suffering and death, that I may be His own and live under Him in His kingdom...."

My eyes are ever on the Lord...

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Paul said...

How to bind the strong man -- not the way the world would think or act. Good news, indeed!