24 March 2011

Patristic Quote of the Day

But when, on the other hand, our unrighteousness was fulfilled, and it was completely obvious that its wages - punishment and death - was to be expected, then, on the other hand, the time came during which God had decided at last to make clear His own benevolence and power (oh, the exceeding favor for humanity and love of God!).  He did not hate us or reject us nor hold a grudge, but He was longsuffering and patient, being merciful, he took up our sins Himself, He Himself gave His own Son as the redemption price for us, the Holy for the unholy, the Incorruptible for the corruptible, the Immortal for the mortal.  For what besides His righteousness could cover our sins?  In whom is it possible for us lawless and ungodly men to be justified except in the only Son of God? -- Epistle to Diognetus (cited in the Treasury today)

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