12 March 2011

Reminder: Day Light Savings Time

begins tomorrow.  So tonight, before you go to bed, "spring" those clocks an hour forward so you want be wandering in at the end of the liturgy and realizing only then that, yes, that was today.


Sue said...

Years ago, our organist didn't show up for church. Fortunately there was someone who could step in. Someone went to call the organist, who wanted to know why they were calling so early in the morning - she turned their clocks back by mistake and finally arrived sometime during the sermon. She's now 86 (and sadly retired as organist) and as far as I know still does not touch the clock - someone else does it for her.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Guido Merkens, the dynamic
pastor of the mega-church Concordia
Lutheran in San Antonio, Texas
during the l960's to l980's had his
own system for dealing with Day Light
Savings Time.

Every year he announced that the
parish would not set their clocks
ahead until 2pm on Sunday afternoon.
Therefore everybody went to church
at the normal time and nobody was late. It worked for Guido in Texas
and could work elsewhere as well.

Anonymous said...


Rev. Merkens called it Concordia
time and only did this in the
Spring. He said that it did not
make any difference in the Fall
because everyone can use an extra
hour of sleep and still be in church.

The LCMS could use more Guido Merkens
who could preach and administer a
parish with class and dignity.