26 March 2011

iPad2 Reflections

Love having the Treasury (PrayNow) and Lutheran Study Bible (Kindle) on the iPad... Angry Birds is quite addictive (to Cin and Dave - I'm not much of a game player)... Enjoyed NetFlicks tonight - gorgeous picture and decent sound... Rented TV show from iTunes (.99 a show) and that worked quite well... Web surfing is a bit of a mixed bag - some peculiarities that I don't like, but over all very good speed... Haven't tried face-time yet... Google earth on this thing is amazing - had a great view of Sissy's pool and followed the road back past the old house out to the road below the Church... All the card games and Shanghai and such are fabulous... In short, a very, very nice toy and occasional tool!


Becky said...

One of the guys at work has one, and he showed me the MobileMe app which is really cool. MobileMe will link to your iPhone, and, among other things, it will also tell you know where your iPad is if you accidentally leave it somewhere.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Oldschool Father of Mine,

It's Netflix.

Your Favorite Eldest Daughter

Anonymous said...

Don't feel to bad. It took me three tries, two after reading your daughter's correction to figure out what was wrong with "NetFlicks". I for one, and I am only 35, do not see a problem with your spelling. ;-)
Rev. Benjamin Pollock
Odessa, MN

Anonymous said...

Netflix is the trade mark name of
a company that sends DVD movies
in the mail to its customers.
It has blown Blockbuster and Family
Video out of the water and is the
biggest company of its type.

It will soon exclusively make
available video streams to your
computer and long range try to
eliminate the DVD business by mail.

hn160 said...

I am not an Apple fan, but I did break down and buy the original iPad which works fine for most things. I think that Jobs messed up when he didn't allow flash, USB port and a card slot.


John said...

Could it be that Apple left off Flash, USB and a card slot as planned obsolescence? Consider that the first iPad has neither of the above, nor does it have a camera. IPad2 has two cameras. Which of the above missing items will be offered on iPad3?

Anonymous said...

With GPS and other "apps" we are building our own Big Brother and paying for it, too! :(


Of course, just responding here leaves a "track" of sorts! :( :(

Pr. Will Weedon:
It's early (altho it's going to be hi 80's out there today) but I've got your lilacs on my desktop, wishing I could smell them!