01 March 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

This confession [the Nicene Creed], made by Christians of a dying world, became the confession of those new peoples and the confession of all succeeding generations of the church.  Is that not something much greater than all the "relevant" and "practical" resolutions and releases produced by church meetings in our day?  Where are all the pronouncements with which the ecumenical world conferences have accompanied the secular history of our day?  The world never even heard them, and the churches have long since forgotten them.  You will not even find them in the textbooks of church history.  The creed of that ancient synod, on the other hand, is prayed in thousands and thousands of churches every Sunday.  More martyrs have probably died for this creed in the 20th century than in all the foregoing centuries of church history combined.  -- Hermann Sasse, *We Confess:  Jesus Christ* p. 58.

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