31 March 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

We are not a sleeping giant. We are a raging, self-important mouse. -- Pr. David Petersen, Gottesdienst Online


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Anonymous said...

The "sleeping giant" quote as a
metaphor for the LCMS was supposedly
uttered by Rev. Billy Graham over
50 years ago. In the meantime our
potential has been squashed by our
internal battles started at the
Battle of New Orleans in 1973.

Our prayer is that the Lord will
still use us to accomplish His mission as we confess that we are
poor miserable sinners.

Rev. Allen Bergstrazer said...

I do not wish my church to be a giant, sleeping or otherwise, but the beloved bride of Christ.

PS, the aleged quote by Rev. Graham is a long standing bit of LC-MS lore. I don't think anyone has ever been able to prove when and where he said it.

PPS, the sleeping giant quote was also allegdly said by Admiral Yamamoto after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. This too is someonewhat conjecture, though it does reflect his opinion of the US at the time.

Jim Huffman said...

The sad thing about the "sleeping giant" quote is not that it is apocryphal. It's that there are still people in the LCMS who crave approval from someone (Billy Graham) who is not with us in theology or practice.

Michael L. Anderson, M.D. said...

In other words, we're like a Mickey on steroids.

Or a Mickey chumming with the Donald too long.