03 March 2011

Looking forward to

my first visit here.  David and Meaghan have already been, but tonight David, Larry, and I will be sampling the brews.  I'm sure David will have another Dunkel Bier, but I'm listening to High Kings and thinking that an Irish brew of some sort is in my future.

Follow-up:  Enjoyed an Irish Ale (tasty, but not strong) and a Scottish Ale (tasty, and strong with some flavor I could not place, but enjoyed).  I think the Scottish won the night for me.


Pr Mark Henderson said...

Have you tried Coopers 'Sparkling Ale' (a rather ironic name, given the cloudiness of this 'mit hefe' ale), 'Pale Ale' or Stout? I must say up front that they don't travel well; the best place to sample them is in their hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. Just curious. I believe these fine and historic (last family-owned brewery in Australia) ales have a following in the US.

Anonymous said...

The fad of Micro Brewery is hot in
the 21st century. But remember when
Milwaukee made Pabst Blue Ribbon,
Schlitz, Miller High Life, Falstaff,
and other great beers. Those Germans
knew their brew.

Paul said...

Be sure to share your High's and Lowe's:) What a great context for Lutheran outreach?

William Weedon said...


I've not tried it. I'll see if they offer it there.


But not a microbrewery; a global brewery - serving up beer from around the world.


I thought about that as we visited together last night: what a great place for, say, a men's group to meet and do some Book of Concord theology!