30 May 2011

Day's Wrap

Up early this morning to Edwardsville to let Roger kick our rears at Bootcamp.  Home for breakfast and then began setting up pool - I don't know how we'd do it without David's help!  Then off to hospital to see Mike; stopped at store for some groceries and filled up the tank on the way home.  Coming home, noted the blue, blue sky against the backdrop of Hamel Coop with the flag waving in front for Memorial Day - wished I had time to stop and capture the picture.  It'd be a classic for Old Route 66.  Day concluded with dinner with David and Meaghan, Crys and Scott and Erin.  We had burgers, ribs, Jen's layered salad, jello salad, chips and such, and topped it off with ice cream and brownies.  Afterwards, a round or six of pinochle.  Winning is such an irrelevant detail, don't you think?  The big thing is having a good time and making the women feel important.  We always strive for that.  Now it's 9 and I'm already ready for bed.  Did I really used to stay up all hours of the night?  Not any more - that's for sure.

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