27 May 2011

Pool Time!

Yeah, it's still a bit cold outside, but we hope to get the pool up this weekend.  We picked up a new salt-water system at Walmart this evening, with several bags of salt.  We'd gotten a new pool last week.  John Meinzen was right:  the pools last for two years.  The salt water system lasts for about four (we've used our through two pools).  I'm eager to get the new stuff up and going, but it will have to wait till Memorial Day and, boy, oh, boy, do I hope David is available to help sort out the set up and the hoses! And then it would be great if the temp really heats up...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Forecast for Memorial Day 2011

For Central Illinois is 93 degrees.
partly sunny and humid.

That is good for swimming, floating
or lounging in a pool, Enjoy.