08 May 2011

My mom always used to say

"there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip."  Well, the kids made omelets for Cindi and the rest of us tonight.  Here's Cindi's omelet.

Lauren was nice, though, and gave THAT one to Dudley (the coon hound) and she made her mom another one.  And yes, they were quite tasty!  Dudley agrees.


Pastor Jim Wagner said...

My mom often said the same thing!

Jeremy Loesch said...

Will, I think your mom got that line from the movie "Young Guns".


Anonymous said...

It was the United States Navy that
said: "Loose lips sink ships."

It was the United States Army that
said: "Praise the Lord and pass the

It was the United States Air Force
that said: "No one over 6' 6" need

Anonymous said...

The black and white tile in the
parsonage kitchen is straight out
of Steak N Shake. Congratulations
on keeping the common touch with
the man on the street.

William Weedon said...

Steak and Shake is an evil word round these parts. That's where them turtle carmel milkshakes lurk. I LOVE em, but they definitely give my tummy the twists...sigh.