31 May 2011

First Lightning Bugs

of the season spotted tonight while taking Lucy out for her necessities.  Last year seemed like we had LOTS of them around.  I'm curious if this year will follow suit.


Anonymous said...

Just take a flashlight with you and
do not depend on lightning bugs to
find your way. Wal-Mart can give you
a good deal.

Mimi said...

I've only seen them once, when we visited Kentucky. They are delighful

William Weedon said...

I didn't know that they didn't have them out on the West Coast!

Anonymous said...

We're poorer for not having lightnin' bugs in the West, but we don't have redbugs either. (I think they are called "chiggers" in some parts of the country.)
Growing up in Alabama, I remember how you could tell a kid was "eat up" with redbugs. He/she had dots of nail polish on their legs to smother the itchy critters that had burrowed under the skin.

Anonymous said...

The young daughter of a classmate at the seminary decades ago called them "flash bees".

I've always appreciated that name. Entomologically incorrect, I'm sure, but the bugs are more flash than lightning bolt.