24 May 2011

Petersen was right...

...about that no knead bread.  Delicious.

And McCain wanted to know if I've forsaken Atkins.  Well, sort of.  Cindi and I (it's all Deaconess Sandy's fault) are experimenting about with the Gabriel Method.  So far, we're holding our own, but are eager to see what the next several months bring.  Eat what you like, but add in lots of water and "live" food - fresh fruits and salads and such.  It's not about taking away, but adding in.  So not a "diet" in the sense of restricted eating at all.  More later on that.

But yes, I'm enjoying the no knead bread with the crusty-crusty crusts and swimming in gobs of butter.

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Anonymous said...

There are no diets which work for
everyone. There are only lifestyle
changes which can benefit those who
are willing to commit themselves
to healthy living. (KJV) Here endeth
the text.