16 May 2011

Delightful lunch today

with Prs. Tapani Simojoki (from England) and Jim Leistico today at Olympia and rejoiced to hear word that project started by Tapani's father has reached its completion:  rendering the Book of Concord in Swahili for the first time!  With 150 million or so speakers of that language, the treasures of the Book of Concord will be open to a whole new audience, thanks be to God!


Terry Maher said...

I'm a big fan of Pastor Simojoki! It's great that where my blood ancestors trod -- after moving over from Anglen, invited even -- and where my faith ancestors Barnes and "the Germans" trod, now it's the Finns!

Terry Maher said...

Judas, Angeln, not Anglen. That's what happens typing in twilight, and not even the twilight of the gods.