04 May 2011

I have decided, definitely,

that the place to read theology is here:

sitting poolside, with a drink at hand, it was amazing how much the words sank in.  I was working on Tom Pearson's essay as this pic was taken.

Other highlights of the trip?  Walking into the beautiful Mer Caribe and being greeted by schools of fish.  They swam all around us - unbelievable.  Venturing a bit further out and watching the turtles surface and swim by underneath.  Fabulous food; great traveling companions; spectacular views in every direction; no internet and no cell phone (they had it; we chose not to use it); many peaceful hours spent with my beloved wife; winning at cards (oops, Sharon, I couldn't help myself); singing Matins together on one of the verandas; forgetting Dr. Atkins and gaining a few (okay, more than a few pounds); mornings on the beach and afternoons at the pool; wonderful drinks - too many to keep track of "favorites!"

Oh, and my favorite pic of the trip (still learning to use the fabulous camera on the new iPhone) is this rather pensive one of my lovely wife, enjoying a before dinner drink and looking out at the stunning view:


Paula said...

Cindi looks like a model in this photo. Her eyes are beautiful blue. I'm glad you had a good time. And I'm glad you're back.

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Paula. We're glad to be back too. Sort of. I mean, it's never easy to leave such unspeakable beauty! And I'm just itching to polish up the Spanish - such a beautiful language.

Brenda Higley said...

sounds like a wonderful trip, Pastor. Good call on not taking the internet with you. I think we all need to disconnect from time to time, especially nowadays. :)

I hope there is some nice weather back east for you this week!


Randy Asburry said...

Sounds like a "theology of glory" to me - definitely! I mean just how much bona fide theological thinking, reading, and pondering can one really get done in the midst of such glorious beauty!

At any rate, welcome back! It will be good to play Pinochle again and whoop the ladies (again?).

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther probably had a stein
of beer handy when he did some
studying of theology in his down time
so welcome to your Lutheran heritage

However Katie Von Bora was not as
picturesque as Cindi. It would seem
that you bested Martin in the
marriage department.

Past Elder said...

To paraphrase Nietzsche, the only philosopher worth reading, Ecce Homo, "Why I Am So Clever", section 8, last sentence, to be exact --

On a beautiful beach, in all the freshness and dawn of one's strength, to read a book -- I call that vicious!