03 August 2011

Delightful afternoon visit

with the Juhls - we don't get to see them often enough! Pr. Dave, Becky, Catherine, Matthew, and Christopher.


Terry Maher said...

How that would be a meeting!! You and Pastor Juhl -- or Father Run DMJ as I like to call him -- are two of a handful of bloggers I found when first poking around the blogosphere to see if there were Lutherans like me out there because I'm not finding them in WELS.

The other two being the various blogations of Der Varkmeister and these three Lutheran wild men in Detroit whose blog is now defunct.

Terry Maher said...

Judas with memory loss, and I must add PTM and Father Hollywood, who was the first one who said I should start my own blog, so it's all his fault. That's the other other two.