02 August 2011

Neglected Rubrics - Service of Prayer and Preaching

This order is primarily intended as a catechetical service, which could be used for new member classes, midweek Advent and Lenten services, school services, retreats, and conferences.  The service may be tailored to suit the needs of those in attendance. LSB-AB, p. 356

A responsive reading from the Small Catechism may follow.  Selections appropriate to the SERMON or CATECHETICAL INSTRUCTION may be selected. LSB-AB, p. 362.

One of Luther's catechism hymns or another hymn appropriate to the instruction may be selection.  LSB-AB, p. 362.


Jon said...

Huh... I probably would have liked the Service of Prayer and Preaching much more if it was ever used like that in my experience with it.

William Weedon said...

Yup - it's just a gentle update of Synod's historical catechetical liturgy for Sunday afternoons. We use it like that and it works superbly.