08 August 2011

Upon the Cross - Gerhard

That head, before which the angelic spirits bow in reverential fear, is pierced with crowded thorns;

That face, beautiful above the sons of men, is defiled by the spit of the ungodly;

Those eyes, more luminous than the sun, darken in death;

Those ears, accustomed to the praises of the angelic hosts, are greeted with the insults and taunts of sinners;

That mouth, which spake as never man spake, and teaches the angels, is made to drink vinegar and the gall;

Those feet, at whose footstool the profoundest adoration is paid, are pierced with nails;

Those hands, which have stretched out the heavens, are extended upon the cross and fastened with spikes;

That body, the most sacred abode and habitation of the Godhead, is sourged and pierced with spear;

Nor did aught remain in it uninjured but His tongue, that He might pray for those who crucified Him.

He who rules in heaven with the Father is most shamefully abused upon the cross by sinners.

God suffers, God sheds His blood.

From the greatness of the price paid, judge of the greatness of thy peril; and from the cost of the remedy, judge the dreadfulness of thy disease.  Great indeed were thy wounds of sin, which could be healed only by the wounds of the living and life-giving flesh of the Son of God; desperate indeed was that disease which could be cured only by the death of the Physician Himself.  -- from Sacred Meditation II

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