31 August 2011

Surgery done

And all went well. She's resting at the moment. A bit of upset tummy, but other than that very good. Nurses keep commenting on how healthy she is. No prescription drugs at 51 must be pretty good! Thanks to everyone who prayed for her.

P.S. Her nurse, Ellen, is LCMS, married to a local DCE.


David Garner said...

God be praised! We will keep her in our prayers as she recovers.

machoese said...

Thank the Lord and sing His praise.

Terry Maher said...

Sounds good to me. 51 and no prescription drugs? It can happen -- I'm 61, no prescription anything but glasses, everything works and nothing hurts.

--helen said...

Count your blessings!

I have supported the pharmacists (and I'm thankful they have been good ones!) for so long that I encouraged a child to go into pharmacy and get some of the
money back into the family! :)

[Kidding, of course.... she took it up because it exercises her passion for exactness and she is a blessing to others.]