01 September 2011

Today started off

relatively badly - Cindi had lots of back spasms that she said shot the pain way over 10 on a 1-10 scale.  She was also nauseous quite a bit - we're fairly sure it was the narcotic that was doing the tummy bad.  By noon the narcotic was no more, the tummy had settled, and she actually ate.  She started getting pronounced pain again about 15 minutes before the next round of medicine - but after that she ate some dinner and seemed better.  Sharon and I even took her for a walk down the hall - yeah!

Thanks to Dean for bringing a thermos of fresh brewed coffee, some bacon and scrambled eggs, some cheese and fruit, and some toast.  Just what the Dr. ordered!  (Do I have a winner for a son-in-law or what?)  Also thanks to those who stopped in during the day and cheered her some:  David, Meaghan, Bekah, Sharon, Dave and Jo, Lauren and Dean.  God willing and things work well, she'll be released tomorrow.

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