22 September 2011

I think it was

yesterday's reading in Treasury, but might have been the day before:  "for godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come." (1 Tim 4:8)  It struck me again how utterly true that is:  "promise for the present life."

Godliness, the life lived in communion with the Blessed Trinity, receiving all as gift and offering thanks and praise to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and loving service to our neighbor - well, there's just not a better way to live, is there?  I remember hearing someone remark along those lines:  if the whole thing were a fraud (which, of course, it absolutely is not!), still living here as a Christian is better than any other way of living.  And when we remember that this present joy is only the appetizer for the Feast???  Wow!

When we see the immense sadness that sin brings in our lives when it is embraced, coddled, even celebrated; when we see the untold damage that doing your own thing does to you as a person and to those around you - then we appreciate even more the words of St. Paul about godliness and we pray that we might always hold them in our heart and help others to see that repentance and faith landing us in doxology and service really IS what life is all about.


organistsandra said...

and yet to those outside the church, the Christian life looks like the opposite of a better way to live. The church imposes rules and restrictions. It spoils your fun, takes away your freedom, and consumes your time and energy. What foolishness is that?

Norm Fisher said...

My pastor said today during discussion at bible class that when he was ordained, 1 in 10 people coming to get married were living together. AND the parents were embarrassed about it. Now, it's a lot closer to 10 in 10, and the parents are upset if the pastor says something about it.

With all going on in the world today (movies where it's just normal to get into bed during the first date, and everything else we are shown) -- are people even aware that they are living in sin?

In many cases, no ..