07 September 2011


the Wednesday night Bible Class began a study of Jeremiah.  Good group and lots of discussion.  Looking forward to working our way through the rest of the book...wonder how far we'll get before Advent kicks in?


Terry Maher said...

Isn't Jeremias just the greatest ever? My favourite profit. Gets his butt kicked left, right, and centre and who sets him free but a pagan king (the Big N) whereas his own people rejected him and the God for whom he spoke.

I hope you mention that in the original lectionary, so zu sagen, Jeremias 31 is the haftorah for the second day of New Years, and Jeremias 8 and 9 the morning haftorah for 9th of Av, also on which Lamentations is read in its entirety, which in turn led to its being read in the Tenebrae service for the Destruction of the Temple Jesus.

Best prophet ever!

Terry Maher said...

Jeremiah, sorry. I first learned Biblical names in the Septuagint through the Vulgate forms common before Vatican II, and sometimes late at night, or when ranting, as I am sometimes forced to do despite my well known irenic nature, that's what comes first yet.

Not a big problem except maybe Osee for Hosea, or Paralipomenon for Chronicles. Then again, having spent twenty some years as a Righteous of the Nations, sometimes I still look for OT books expecting to find them in their Hebrew order of Law Prophets Writings, the order Jesus knew and used and which IMHO ought to bloody well be restored in Christian Bibles. Wonder who was the meshuggener who mixed them up.