15 September 2011

A superb observation

by Pastor Eric Brown (in relation to the matter of selling University Lutheran Chapel):

We cannot afford a bureaucracy that will sacrifice Word and Sacrament ministries to fund experimental projects that attempt to justify their existence. No longer needed, and a bad idea.

As our Eastern brothers and sisters are wont to say:  "Wisdom!  Let us attend!"


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

For too long we have thought that if we just "win" the right elections that we could make the system work for us... neglecting that the system will always work to support the system. Our Lord told us that those who live by the sword will die by the sword - and thus if we use elections to try to make things "better" instead of the Word in patience and love, this is what will happen.

Tear down the system, take away the political prize, and simply leave pastors and congregations who will need to talk to each other.

--helen said...

Changing an SP isn't enough; a lot of DP's and overgrown district offices need to be changed, too.

Too much money "sticks" to the hands of districts, and then they have to have playthings. (What else can you call a "coffeehouse"!?)

--helen said...

If a DP made no more money than the average parish Pastor... average, not 150% of the 100 richest offices (who might well be scaled back, too!) perhaps we would get people who cared to serve the church, not people who wallowed in the fine dinners, fancy retreat locations, and empire building.

Pr.Brown, so far we can't manage to tear ourselves away from apostate elca! How long will it take to clean our own house... or leave it?

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Helen - I want an even lower salary -- nothing. In Oklahoma, everything is done volunteer. I think we help the DP pay for a vicar, and that's it. It's wonderful.

--helen said...

Pr. Brown,
Texas, which has sent synod in quite the opposite direction, needs to beg forgiveness. (After all, he was elected DP first.) :(

In this, Oklahoma leaves Texas in the dust; I congratulate you!
[Even though I am a Longhorn...]

Terry Maher said...

The situation with University Lutheran Chapel stinks.

The "system" indeed acts like any organism -- its first instinct will always be to preserve itself, however that is sold to opinion.

OTOH it could be worse. We could be RC and have bishops, like the local archdiocese to which I am "supposed" to belong, which closes and consolidates schools and parishes right and left yet can plunk down 600K cash for a retirement home for the outgoing archbishop. Archbullroar.