25 September 2011

Today we anticipated

the feast of St. Michael's and All Angels.  Overwhelming joy, as always.  After service, Cindi and I grabbed a quick lunch and then headed over to the Braasch's for a house-blessing.  I'll never forget the day of the ice-storm when Sharon called and said there'd been a fire, and a passing motorist had seen the flames, and roused the boys (who were asleep and home alone).  The house is beautifully restored and even improved.  After the house blessing and a brief visit, home to teach catechesis (this is the week of the huge lesson - commandments 4 through 8!).  Bekah and Shawn joined us for dinner - we ate breakfast, actually - bacon and eggs and muffins.  Throughout the day, my voice has been deteriorating.  I'm hoping that it just is tired and that a night's sleep will do the trick.  Anywho, a wonderful and full day, and I think it will be early to bed tonight.


Terry Maher said...

Cain't nobody leave Michaelmas the hell alone! First it was on 30 September for just Michael, then he gets boofed to the 29th since ruddy Jerome up and died on 30 September 420, then it gets called Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St Michael, though the basilica hasn't been around for a millennium, next thing ya know it's "all angels" too, then miserable drooling revisionist Vatican II novus ordo makes it the Feast of Michael, Gabriel and Rafael, now it's bloody anticipated in Hamel IL.

Now ain't that the dingest dangest thing, as the great American hero Jesse James was wont to say.

Sharon Braasch said...

Thanks Pastor and Cindi for making our St. Michal and All Angels day extra special. We are so blessed to have you as our pastor and also you and Cindi as our wonderful friends. I'm also gratefuly for all those from St. Paul who were so very wonderful to pray for us, encourage and especially those who helped us in the mirad ways we so desperately needed.(Like your lovely wife) I did feel it was a serendipitous that we picked this day to have the house blessing and ask the the Lord to send His holy angels to watch over our family & home just as He did last February 1