19 September 2011

Every departure

from our Lord's mandate only introduces doubt.  Beloved, let us not set stumbling blocks before the people of God!  Let us rather abide by the mandated institution of our Lord and thus live from the certainty of His giving.  Take bread and wine, bless them with His words in thanksgiving, and thus give out to His royal priesthood His body and blood, having tasted of them yourself.  Take anything else, bless them with His words and give them out, and what do you give out?  Neither you nor your people have the first clue!  We mayn't suppose our Lord is bound to what He has not commanded.

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

It is not that we bind God to anything with our words or our thoughts, but that God has bound Himself with His own Word so that we may be confident and sure in His love and mercy -- not so that we can be creative and distinctive.