06 September 2011

Jo Update

This morning Jo had surgery to reverse the colostomy.  The surgery took a longer time than expected, but the Dr. was quite upbeat when it was over.  In fact, he chatted for at least 45 minutes about the joys of touring around Southern Illinois and gave us about four history lectures and numerous assignments of places that we had to see.  I headed out after he wound down.  A bit later, Dave called to let me know she was still in recovery and they'd decided to move her to the Intermediate Care Unit due to some concerns about her oxygen levels and a bit of irregularity in the heart-beat.  Doc seemed to think she'd be in the hospital for at least a week.  Prayers appreciated as always.

[Cindi, by the way, is improving rather dramatically.  Slept in her own bed last night.  Is slowly backing off the pain meds.  Generally seems more upbeat. - Deo gratias!]

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