08 September 2011


Jo continues hospitalized.  Truthfully, she was a bit more out of it today than yesterday.  I'm hoping to see some marked improvement tomorrow.  Dave spent the night with her (and she's up all night and then sleeps most of the day) - and he's still doing his school bus route besides.

Cindi continues to improve each day - and Mary stopped by today for a nice visit that kept her occupied and entertained through the afternoon (while I was at hospital).

On the home front, the only thing I didn't get done today that I wanted to was the vacuuming.  Laundry is in the dryer; dishes in the dishwasher; kitchen cleaned; breakfast stuff readied.  Sermon written for Sunday and prayers finished.  Oh, and I started mopping kitchen floor but the swiffer wet jet gave out - drats!  Maybe tomorrow?

For dinner made noodle-less lasagna, salad, and chocolate medallions for dinner tonight.  I am truly enjoying the cooking - I haven't got to do much of it in recent years and it is very satisfying and relaxing.

Anywho, hope the above explains the paucity of internet interaction at the moment - just not a lot of spare time in the day.

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