09 September 2011

More on Jo

Last night Jo's oxygen level's dropped - she'd been overmedicated - and they took her into ICU.  They reversed the medication (not sure what that means exactly); but the end result was that she didn't have any real relief for pain.  She was thrashing around quite a bit, incoherent much of the time today, and not a happy camper.  Cindi, Dave, Bekah and I spent the morning with her, and then headed out for lunch while the nurses took over.  I got Cindi back home while Bekah headed over to sit with her.  When I got back Bekah and I sang Vespers to her, which seemed to calm her a bit.  She even joined in the doxology to the Our Father, and when we sang the Kyrie, she told us:  "More Lord, have mercy!"  So we sang every piece with the Kyrie we could think of.  Plus a bunch of hymns that we loved.  It was odd - standing on either side of her bed and singing every so softly the canticles and hymns and psalms together.  "Redeeming the time because the days are evil."  And there's nothing that so redeems the time when you can do nothing yourself to ease a loved one's suffering as spending it in praising the Blessed Trinity, hearing His words and promises, and petitioning Him for His great mercy and love on their behalf.  If you all would keep her in your prayers, I'd be ever so grateful.


Becky said...

Absolutely, Pastor. Jo is in my prayers. You have such a beautiful family. I'm proud of Bekah for being there with her grandma. What a comfort you are to each other. God's peace.

Myrtle said...

Praying psalms and singing for Jo.