22 September 2011

Another blog post

to commend to your reading.  Pr. Beisel holds forth on what characterizes the battle in this generation, this time, in our Synod.  I think he puts his finger squarely upon the problem.  What do you think?  Check it out here.


Chris said...

I think Pr. Beisel is right on the money. Lutheran practice, even in some of the "confessional" parishes does not match the "confessional theology" supposedly preached week in, week out.

To take it further, if practice matters and theology matters, then how much more that UNITY of both practice and theology throughout the synod matters.

It's time for the Lutherans to rediscover the power of the keys and that unfortunate but necessary power of excommunication.

Terry Maher said...

Sounds good but that's about it. There is nothing beyond generalities, nothing to define, if there is to be unity, as to what practice matches theology/doctrine.

For example, does only weekly Communion match practice to doctrine? Does only no "praise bands" match practice to doctrine? Does only chasubles match practice to doctrine?

And to what specific doctrine does it match?

The "worship wars" as experienced by this generation -- "this" presumably being younger than I am -- are rooted in a movement even older than the "battle for the Bible" generation -- presumably my generation -- and in point of fact, for those who saw it before it attained fruition in any denomination, are flip sides of the same coin, not distinct controversies, but the same one, applied variously to doctrine and to practice.

Marinus Veenman said...

I think the problem is definitely liturgical. St. Paul ends up using the term "Liturgy" very broadly and it seems it ought to encompass the whole Christian life: our lives ought to have a liturgical rhythm of Bible reading, singing, Psalm chanting and prayer through the whole week. I think the lack of a week-long liturgical life is the biggest problem.