27 September 2011

The Prayer of the Church

This is one that comes from the Church Book.  Reed says it came into English from the Reformation at Cologne, composed by Melanchthon and Bucer, prepared for Archbishop Hermann in 1543.  It's a gem:

Merciful God, Heavenly Father,  Who hast commanded us to meet together in Thy Name, and in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, to ask of Thee what is requisite and profitable for us and for all men, and hast graciously promised to hear our prayers and grant our requests: We present ourselves before Thy Divine Majesty, beseeching Thee to pardon our sins and unrighteousness, and to quicken our hearts by Thy Holy Spirit, that, with all confidence, we may ask of Thee whatsoever things are needful to Thy Church and to all men, and surely obtain the same to our profit and Thy praise.

For Thy Church and people, we pray: Save and defend them from the power of those whom Thou hast not sent, and send them Pastors and teachers who shall faithfully seek Thy scattered sheep, bring them to the Lord Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and diligently build them up in all Thy will and pleasure, that all ungodliness and wicked works, and all heresies, schisms, and false religion may be done away; and that, in the unity of thej true faith and the Confession of Thy j dear Son, we may be one in Him, and dwell together in love, to the honor of Thy Name, and the good of our fellow-men.

For all in authority, especially for all who bear rule over us, we pray: Grant that they may be Thine indeed, put down all evil, and uphold and further all good, that we, being delivered from the fear of our enemies, may serve Thee in all holiness and righteousness.

And as it is Thy will to be a Saviour to the whole world, we also pray for all sorts and conditions of men: Draw to Thy dear Son those who are yet far from Him, and grant that those whom Thou hast drawn to Him may daily grow in grace, and in the knowledge of the Lord.

For all who are in any trouble or sorrow, we pray; Comfort them in their distresses, and send them speedy deliverance out of all their afflictions; and help us to lay to heart Thy fatherly chastenings, that we may judge ourselves and amend our ways, that we come not under Thy judgments.

Grant, also, that we, who are here assembled for Thy worship, may hold fast Thy Word, die unto self, and be wholly given to Thy dear Son our Saviour, Who by His bitter sufferings and death hath redeemed us from sin and condemnation, and by His glorious Resurrection and Ascension hath brought us to oneness with Himself and with His Church.

May the holy Sacrament of His Body and Blood be meat and drink to us unto eternal life, that we may live in Him, and He in us, to the hallowing of Thy Name, the furtherance of Thy Kingdom, and the doing of Thy Will with cheerfulness ami love, as it is done in heaven.

Give us also our daily bread, and all things that pertain to our bodily comfort, health, and peace; and grant us grace to use the same to Thy honor and glory.

And forgive us, O Lord, our daily faults, as we now before Thee forgive those who in. any way have harmed us; and suffer not our adversary the devil to prevail against us, but deliver us from him, and from all evil; for Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever. Amen.


Christopher Esget said...

This is terrific - thanks for sharing it!

Brian P Westgate said...

I wonder where various petitions could be added, or a petition for the synod/district presidents/bishops.