23 August 2011

Sigh. Surgery for Cindi cancelled.

Insurance difficulties.  Grr.  But "the will of God is always best and shall be done forever."  Just hope the delay isn't TOO long, as she definitely is in pain and needs this surgery.  Prayers appreciated.


Sage said...

Prayers are there for Cindi but also some "sage" advice.

Please tell her to not shave 2 days prior to surgery and to use a hibiclens type surgical pre-wash (I believe you can get it at Walgreens) the evening and/or morning prior to surgery. It can be used everywhere except your face. The reason for not shaving is that any nicks on the body will be an entryway for germs - not good. The hibiclens (chlorhexidine) is as good as you are going to get for prepping pre-operatively.

When she is recovering you (Pr.) make sure all who come into the room do hand hygiene, using the alcohol foam bottle that should be in the room. You can get a sanitary wipe to wipe down bedrails and the bedside table from either housekeeping/nursing or do your own with a paper towel and the alcohol foam. Don't be reluctant to remind everyone (including docs) to do it. Just say please, smile and they'll cooperate.

Make sure if they do a post-operative antibiotic that it is discontinued w/in 24 hours unless she has an infection going on. Her pre-op antibiotic should be fully infused before they take her back to the operating room. Tell Cindi to pay attention and remind them to do a time out before she is given her la-la meds for surgery. It's vital that the surgeon be there for the time out as well, correct site, correct procedure etc...

You may think this is all nit picky, but it's for the safety of the patient and all patients have that right to a safe procedure.

Yes, I do this kind of stuff day in and day out so I'm preaching from my vocation. :-)

Good luck with the insurance. (I personally think insurance companies are the spawn of Satan). ahem. sorry.

Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

I will remember her. May the Lord give her respite.

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Sage and Fr. Gregory. Pax!