02 August 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

We learn to pray regularly, by ourselves or in our families, by beginning and ending each day with the Lord's Prayer.  That's our family prayer. Nothing could be simpler than that.  None of us could say we don't have enough time for this prayer. -- Dr. John Kleinig, *Grace upon Grace* p. 180.


Sage said...

Judging from the comments on the financial chaos, I venture to say we should be praying the Lord's Prayer hourly if not more frequently - beginning each with the Kyrie eleison.

What we're about to enter into is beyond scary. History does and will repeat itself. Trust only in the Lord.

Oh, and thanks for the comments from Dr. Kleinig's book. I have learned a lot from his Grace Upon Grace book and lectures.

William Weedon said...

Amen. Amen. Seen this?


CyberSis said...

Or how 'bout this?