05 August 2011

Not alone, M. Not now. Not ever.

You are not alone, when you remember the horror - He is there.
His love has held you all the way.
His arm still holds you.
His hand, marked with the nails, has you tight in His grasp.
Do not be afraid.
Though you have tasted the bitterness of sorrow and defeat;
Though you have doubted that the future could be free of the past;
Though you have wondered if His love were but a delusive dream told to comfort sufferers;
Though you fear for the future and wonder what it will bring -
THIS it will bring:
His body for you, His blood shed for your forgiveness,
Placed into your mouth, the pledge that your sin in all its hideous awfulness
With my own
He has owned as His own and it has no power to separate you from His love.
This will be yours until the day when eyes are opened
And you see.  Really see.
Like for the first time.
Better than when you first wore your glasses and the leaves came clear.
Better than every fulfilled hope and joy of this age.
You will see.  And you will weep silently in His embrace.
And it will be better than all the pain, all the grief.
You will sing a resurrection song and every pain and sorrow
Will be transformed.
In His arms.
In His strong and never failing arms.
Peace, child, be still.
All is well.  All will be well
Amen and amen.
Sing with me?

If thou but trust in God to guide thee...


Brad said...

Wow. How beautiful! Like one who has unfolded a scroll and exposed its contents, you opened my heart and showed me what's there. Then...well, how I yearn to be at the Lord's Table again this Sunday. What a future for one such as I!! Thank you, my friend!

Emily Cook said...


Elaine said...

This is very special, thank you.

Matt said...

I needed this today. Thank you.