30 November 2011

Ah, to sing together

Evening Prayer:  to greet the evening light, to sing Psalms, to attend to God's Holy Word as we commemorated St. Andrew, to join in the Magnificat with the Blessed Virgin, to lift the anxieties of our hearts to the Lord ("to You, O Lord!"), and then to depart into the frosty air with the stars shining down on us after having sung "Creator of the Stars of Night."

Well...yeah.  That's the way to close a busy day.

No question.  No question at all.  I wish we could do it every evening!  Such peace, such beauty, such joy.

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Larry Luder said...

Same goes for me. God’s beauty and silence is absolutely stunning during evening prayer. His intimacy takes my breath away. It is truly a blessing to sing our prayers. The Latin, Conditor Alme Siderum and Adoramus te Domine; works for me.