20 November 2011

More David Memories

...you teaching me how to sing Cas Radosti... you teaching St. Paul's how to sing Cas Radosti (during the Advent hymn sings)... the time I had that horrible headache and you actually used your massaging techniques to drive it away... your idea of coffee (gross - you could see the bottom of the cup!)... you teaching the torchbearers how they MUST step out together on the same foot or else the torches will be out of synch all the way down the aisle... you drawing up an entire handbook for instructing crucifers, torch-bearers and acolytes (still have it, too, David!)... you telling the St. Paul ushers that they CANNOT put people in the aisles on Easter Sunday because of the procession... you insisting that I take off the alb and hand it over to you on Easter so you can go iron it before the service starts... Oh, so many, many more...

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