04 November 2011


Cindi and I got up and had breakfast, she cut my hair, we said our prayers and then hit the Y for a good 30 minute workout.  Then off to St. Louis, where we lunched at Bottleworks.  She had a tasty "brat burger" and I had a bison burger.  Also had some caesar salad with crunched parmesan.  Good stuff!  Then to Trader Joe's.  Picked up the usual nuts, frozen beans and asparagus and blue berries, assorted other veggies and stuff.  But best of all:  picked up Kerry Gold Butter.

Ever since I was a youngster, I've searched high and low for something that TASTES like I remember Aunt Emma's butter tasting.  It was hard as a brick, and you had to chop it off in chunks, but when it melted into your food, especially the cornbread?  Oh, my!  It was the best tasting butter in all the world.  When I first heard about Kerry Gold I immediately thought:  maybe?  I think my search has ended.  Absolutely delicious - a rich and creamy butter that is a close first cousin to a cheese.  Yes, I tried it without any bread at all - just to see what it tasted like and by golly, THAT'S IT.  I think some almond toast is on the menu soon!!!


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

When we were in Cork, Ireland for our Honeymoon, we came across the Cork Butter Museum, which was heavily sponsored by Kerrygold. It was a fascinating place, and if you ever head to Ireland, I highly recommend it.

Larry Luder said...

Elle & Vire is pretty good too. When my daughter Jennifer was small, she would sneak chucks of butter her mouth or drink half and half cream when we weren’t looking. I see now I was wrong about her being the only one in the entire world that would even consider doing that.

MLC&S said...

I know somewhat off the subject of butter, but as a fellow pastor and being curious of other pastors' practices... what do you do for "prayers" with your family? I've been thinking on some "Life Together" topics and that is one has come up. And by the way, rumor has it that Trader Joe's is coming to Houston. I'm ready after all the talk from up north. Thanks.