07 November 2011

I need to argue with Pr. Mark Preus more often...

...for our debate about the hymn "Ye Watchers" led my young friend to compose this outstanding text which he suggests be sung to the tune Adoro Te:

For Mary, blessed Virgin, do we sing
To Christ, who is her Savior and her King,
Who, born of God and with the Father one,
Came down and made her womb his holy throne.

All generations now confess her blest,
As she by God the Spirit once confessed,
For God made her the vessel of His grace
From whom our Lord first showed His human face.    

When Gabriel spoke then Mary’s heart believed,
And by the Holy Spirit she conceived,
And God, who nurtures all and all things made,
Was nurtured and made man within a maid.

As fire burned in the bush unharmed by flame,
And by this mystery God showed his name,
So Mary stays a virgin through the birth
Of Jesus, named Savior of the earth.

What favor did our God in heaven show
To all who live in sin and death below
When God showed favor to the Virgin blest,
And from her flesh our flesh and blood possessed? 

The mighty are cast down from off their seat,
The rich are ruined and the proud retreat,
The hungry eat the flesh and drink the blood
That flows to lift the lowly up to God.

How blest is she whose faith was in the Word
That made her be the mother of our Lord!
God, grant us so to trust in what You say,
And with Your mother marvel at this day!

Grant us, dear Father, such humility
As we within the blessed Virgin see,
That we with her may praise her holy Son,
With You and with the Holy Spirit One.  

Check out his hymn revival blog here.  


Pr. Lehmann said...

All arguing with him has ever gotten me is beer.

Richsheri1 said...


I just read this post for the first time. Wow, what a gem!

This is definitely a hymn to be included in a future hymnal for the Dormition of Mary. I think we can have at least one hymn for that day since she is the Mother of our Lord and God, Jesus!