24 November 2011

Thanksgiving Day Wrap

Whew.  8:28 p.m.  Kitchen is finally cleaned.  Not even sure how many times we ran the dish washer today (thanks be to God for dish washers!).  We headed over to sing Thanksgiving Day Matins at 9 and were home shortly after 10.  Choir was AWESOME.  Opa found out last night that oldest grandchild, Dorothy, and husband Chris, were joining us for Thanksgiving; Grandma found out this morning - better medicine than anything that comes out of the bottle.  She was perky ALL DAY!  After appetizers of David and Meaghan's queso, almond crackers, pomegranate, summer sausage, brie, other cheeses and crackers, twelve of us (Dave & Jo, Chris & Dorothy, Dean & Lauren, David & Meaghan, Sean & Bekah, Cindi and I) sat down to a true feast:  turkey (from Trader Joe's - GREAT tasting!), sausage stuffing, five onion gratin, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potato souffle, pumpkin muffins and rolls.  Some of us took a break afterward for a bit of ultimate Frisbee.  Who won is irrelevant, don't you think?  (Quiet Dean, Sean, and Bekah - no one likes you anyway).  Then desserts - all pies:  low-carb pumpkin, regular pumpkin, chocolate, dutch apple, and pecan.  A serious game of Liverpool ensued.  Who won is again utterly irrelevant (and just because she had knee surgery is no reason to be a Liverpool HOG!).  A bit more visiting and then time for left-overs, and a final game of Liverpool (once again, don't ask; irrelevant - think she's sleeping in the dog house tonight).  Then the kitchen cleaned, the coffee made for tomorrow, and the house relatively quiet.  A joyous thanksgiving feast - and so glad to have extended family gathered around the table and in the home. 

"Glory to God for all things." - St. John Chrysostom.

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